This site is dedicated to Doktor Aerumnous. It is not itself so full of trouble as he.

What you may find here is not yet entirely known, or made. Short and longer writings, readings, drawings, bits and pieces, fragments from the sum of mind. I hope it will be interesting, generously given, thoughtful and thought-provoking. Only occasionally troublesome.

For now, please accept this partial key to the site:

‘A’ is where we are now, and where you shall find things dedicatory and explanatory. It is the opening page.

‘E’ is for every day things: thoughts, words, notes on weather.

‘R’ might be readings.

‘U’ without an umlaut doesn’t have a dedicated purpose yet.

‘M’ is something special. It comes last.

‘N’ is for public things: politics, law.

‘O’ is philosophy.

‘Ü’ with umlaut might be German things.

‘S’ could be stories or silence or one of the ‘s’-es in assays.

Please feel free to wander about as you like. Have patience though, this site will grow slowly.